It has been said that the value of life lies in the ways we make use of our days.

At Twin Rivers Cleaning, we realize how important it is to have the free time to enjoy life. Whether it’s time with loved ones or doing things you enjoy, you deserve to give that to yourself.

We love rural New Hampshire and the everyday people who make this area so great. Located in the Twin Rivers area where the Pemigewausett and Winnipesaukee rivers meet to generate power to nearby Franklin, we exist for real people like you.

We want to offer you an affordable, worry-free cleaning experience, tailored to your needs; one that you will want to tell your friends and family about.



Tina McBey


Building my home cleaning clientele began slowly at first, as my primary work was cleaning commercially for a local company. Several years later, and one referral after another, I had built a solid clientele, given to me from all my amazing (and happy) clients.

From the beginning, I wanted to make people happy, to give them time to spend with their families, time to enjoy life without having to think about the necessity of cleaning. I enjoyed giving more than was asked of me; doing those extra little things everyone wishes they had time to get to. To me, these moments became opportunities to give little gifts of happiness.

Kelly McBey


Having been born into a family who worked together to grow its own food and ran its own small business, I grew to appreciate the sacrifices my parents made in order to put food on our table. The oldest of five children, I learned the importance of caring for each other, of putting in an honest day’s work, and becoming an honorable contributor to our town – the kind my parents would be proud of.

My wish is to make home cleaning services affordable for most everyone; to offer a luxury most imagine they could never afford. I believe everyone deserves that and want to make it easy for you.